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Decorating your home for the holidays

Decorating your home for the holidays The holiday season is a magical time of the year. Whether celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just the season itself, this time of year is indisputably exciting. The season has a special way of bringing family and friends together to share joy and laughter. The holiday season is a […]

Tips For Home Buyers In A Fast Paced Market

The real estate market has a way to speeding up and slowing down, and when the market gets speedy, homebuyers can have trouble buying a home they’re interested in before someone else snags it. We want to help! Here are some tips to help you when the market is fast paced. Photo Credit: AKZOphoto on […]

Ten Best Enjoyable Things to do in Southern Utah

1. Visiting National Parks at Utah Utah is the capital of national parks in America with a monument valley and 5 national parks. The national parks are closely located together thereby enabling visitors to enjoy the full experience in just one trip. Visit the parks and enjoy the unforgettable experience of the trip. 2. Go […]

St. George Activities In The Winter

St. George is very known for being a sunny resort type city with its palm trees, pools, spas and etc. So what about the colder seasons? What do locals do during those times? Luckily our winters are extremely mild compared to other areas of Utah like Cedar and Salt Lake. So mild in fact that […]

Tips To Preventing Sellers Remorse

That’s right. Sellers remorse is a real thing! Just like buyers get nervous about purchasing a new home, sellers can have second thoughts about selling their beloved home! The reason most feel sellers remorse is because they weren’t 100% invested in selling their home in the first place. This can be because they feel they […]

St. George – An Active Lifestyle

Moving to St. George is a wonderful idea for those of all backgrounds, but especially for those who love living an active lifestyle! St. George is known for being sunny almost 300 days out of the year, making it the perfect place to get outside and do some hiking, biking, canyoneering and more! Photo Credit: […]